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My name is Dr. Marshall Bewley, and I am a Licensed Psychologist located off of the Historic Downtown Square in Denton, Texas. I provide psychological services and psychotherapy to adults and couples in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It can be difficult to step outside of our comfort zones and create the change that you desire. However, the rewards of doing so can allow for growth that you have been seeking and may have never thought was possible.

I am Dr. Marshall Bewley and I am a licensed psychologist and located in Denton, Texas. I am passionate about helping you create the change you desire, such as undeincreasing your self-awareness and/or pride in a LGBTQ identity, managing depression or anxiety, coping with grief, or improving a relationship.

As a Licensed Psychologist, I believe in working collaboratively with you to create the changes you desire. I strongly believe that you have your own internal resources to create change, and my ultimate goal is for you to be the best version of yourself and live an authentic life. Whether change means living openly and proudly as an LGBTQ+ individual, managing mood symptoms, resolving relationship issues, improving your communication in your relationship, or gaining greater self-awareness, I hope to join you in directly addressing your struggles and taking back control of your life. Creating a path to wellness and success in your life is obtainable and something I believe that you deserve! 


Dr. Marshall Bewley is a Licensed Counseling Psychologist who Specializes in Therapy Focusing on LGTBQ Issues, Anxiety and Depression, Grief & Loss, and Men's Personal Growth


If you are going through a very stressful time in your life and are searching for a therapist with whom you are able to share your story in order to get help, you may also worry about fear of rejection or misunderstanding, or having to hide aspects of yourself from your therapist. This is a real concern for most lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, and queer identified individuals and couples. When looking for a therapist it is extremely difficult to determine if that person truly understands the nuances of growing up LGBTQ+ identified and the current daily issues that this community tends to encounter.

Men's Personal Growth

It is common for men to be hesitant toward seeking therapy, as most men have been raised to keep their experience and/or struggles inward. However, with the rapidly changing dynamics of what it means to be a man in today's society, it has become increasingly apparent that men can benefit from having a confidential, private space to explore such issues. 

Anxiety is an expected part of life and can at times motivate us to be successful. It is common to feel anxious when faced with a problem at work, before completing an exam, or before making an important life decision.


However, anxiety disorders involve more than short-term worry or fear. For a person experiencing an anxiety disorder, the anxiety does not go away and can get worse over time. Symptoms of anxiety can interfere with daily functioning and prevent you from being successful in your job, school work, and relationships.

Grief & Loss

The death of a loved one is often a devastating experience that can significantly impact anyone, resulting in serious mood disturbances such as depression and complicated bereavement. While grief is a natural part of life, some people find themselves unable to move on from loss and need professional support to heal. 

For others, the death of a loved one may bring up anger, turmoil, or other conflicting feelings that are often harder to express (and less socially acceptable) when experiencing a death in your life.

Most people experience sadness at times, as our moods fluctuate depending on the context occurring in our lives. Sadness is only one aspect of depression and some people with depression may not experience sadness at all. Symptoms vary depending on each unique individual. 

Trainings & Workshops

As a Licensed Psychologist, I have provided professional trainings and presentations in a variety of settings. I have also previously spent 2+ years as the Outreach Coordinator and 3+ years as the Cultural Diversity Liaison for Texas Woman's University Counseling Center.

I regularly have been invited to speak and train on a variety of topics but most centered on cultural issues and specific topics focused on various cultural identities such as race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ageism, sexism, sizeism, heterosexism, social class, ability/disability status, and other multicultural topics.

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Group Therapy Sessions


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Current clients can use the link to their secure client portal (via the blue button above) to manage currently scheduled appointments, identify other openings, and use secure messaging to contact Dr. Bewley.



New clients can use the secure client portal (via the green button above) to schedule a phone consultation.  During that conversation, we will briefly discuss what is bringing you to therapy and determine that we are setting up for a good therapeutic fit.  At that time, you will be able to use the portal to identify openings and request to schedule during available times.

Contact Me

Serving Denton, Texas & the Greater Dallas/ Fort Worth Area

Dr. Bewley's office overlooks Denton's historic downtown square. Dr. Bewley offers counseling and therapy services to help people that live in Denton and surrounding communities/counties (including but not limited to Dallas, Tarrant, Wise, Collin, Cooke, Montague, and Grayson Counties). 


Dr. Marshall Bewley, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist (Tx #36484)

Phone: (940) 294 - 6789


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