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I appreciate your interest in considering me helping you, and I hope I can become part of your journey of growth. I have been working as a therapist close to a decade and feel privileged to do what I love every day.


I strongly believe that you have your own internal resources to create change, and my ultimate goal is for you to be the best version of yourself and live an authentic life.


Whether change means living openly and proudly as an LGBTQ+ individual, managing mood symptoms, understanding your next steps in life, resolving relationship issues, improving your communication in your relationship, or gaining greater self-awareness, I hope to join you in directly addressing your struggles and taking back control of your life. Creating a path to wellness and success in your life is obtainable and something I believe that you deserve! ​

Best of Denton 2022, 2023

While I have been trained as a Generalist Psychologist and use a variety of techniques and tailor therapy to each client, I primarily work from an Integrative model consisting of Interpersonal Process Therapy, Feminist Theory, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This integration considers how you relate to others, both your interpersonal strengths and areas of improvements. You may relate to others based on your family of origin, past or current experiences, cultural identities, or other factors that have impacted your development. When a therapeutic alliance is formed, gradually an individual's relational style will also start to occur in our work. For instance, if you relate to others through the use of humor, we will examine how this benefits you and/or could be hindering your relationships. This approach to therapy can help you better understand yourself by receiving immediate feedback on your strengths and areas of improvement. 


Feminist interventions consider cultural context that impacts how we form and maintain relationships, as well as impacting our sense of self and well-being. Cultural context means that all parts of your cultural identity, such as race, ethnicity, gender identity/expression, age, sexual/romantic orientation, religious orientation, and ability status are important in exploring your whole experience during the therapy process. What this means for you in therapy with me is that I will look beyond your “presenting problem” and symptoms to your relationships with loved ones and family and the greater context of your world and how that impacts your functioning and well-being. This tends to be a de-pathologizing approach that focuses on the whole person rather than focusing on a list of symptoms.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an evidenced-based treatment, which means that the effectiveness of CBT has been supported by research. CBT skills will help first teach you about the interaction between your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You will learn to identify, examine, and change unhelpful, negative-based thoughts. For instance, you may have an automatic thought (i.e., "if I don't make people laugh, they will reject me") that leads to certain feelings and behaviors when relating to others. Learning CBT skills will gradually help you to transform your emotions and behaviors to automatic thoughts. Ultimately, CBT skills can help you maintain long-term growth and improvement in your life. 

I am a Native Texan and am from Lubbock, Texas. I completed my Bachelor's Degree at Texas Tech University, while also attending a research program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I returned to complete my doctoral program in Counseling Psychology at Texas Tech University.
My doctoral internship was completed in Richmond, Virginia, at Virginia Commonwealth University Counseling Services, and I was a Licensed Psychologist at Texas Woman's University Counseling & Psychological Services from 2012-2020. I led various leadership positions for the center, and as the only public university primarily for women, I have had the unique opportunity to focus on women’s issues throughout the lifespan as well as other gender issues.
Additionally, I have over 15 years of experience in clinical work in a multitude of settings, including prisons/probation offices, a substance abuse rehabilitation center, outpatient clinics, and university counseling centers.
I have been in Private Practice since 2015, and I also provide private consultation for institutions, businesses, and individuals who aim to improve their perspectives and inclusion within their organizations.



I strongly believe that embracing what comes your way in life is part of your unique story. Being stuck and 'stuckness' often happens in our minds and less in our experience. Let's figure out how to get you unstuck. Beyond my role as a Psychologist, part of my story is my love for spending time with my family and pack of dogs that keep me plenty busy.

For my own self-are, I am passionate about physical fitness, walking/running on trails, and olympic power weight lifting. Although not born in Denton, I have grown to have full pride as a Denton-ite, and I am passionate about our community. If I have a free minute, I spend it outside in nature, being in the sun, enjoying the Denton Square, and I love supporting and exploring local businesses.


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