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Why LGBTQ+ people often cover or downplay aspects of their identity

National Coming Out Day is Friday, October 11th, and although the day brings good awareness toward supporting and affirming the LGBTQ+ community, it can also add pressure for people who are not out. The concept of 'Covering' is used as an adaptive coping strategy to avoid prejudice or discrimination. Dr. Marshall Bewley discusses how Covering is adaptive but can also be negatively impact LGBTQ+ individuals from expressing their authentic selves. The pressure to 'cover' an aspect of yourself is very real. Remember, it's an adaptive way you've kept yourself safe. Remember to also check in to see if it's still needed in your life. Whatever the answer may be, it's okay. #dentontx #denton #lgbt #lgbtpride #comingout #comingoutday #psychology #mentalhealth

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